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Hello Nagano Prefecture. Welcome to the new and improved Nagano AJET Website! As you can probably already tell, some of our new AJET Monkeys are hard at work making this website a much more useful and interactive space for all Naganites.


Recently we’ve added a ton of new, cool stuff to the site to make it a better resource for everyone in Nagano. Check out the new additions:

  • Featured Posts: The left sidebar of the homepage now lists our recent posts. Right now we’re not posting regularly, so there isn’t much there…yet! Soon, it will help you keep up with the latest Nagano News.
  • Interactive Calendar: We’ve got a much better, prettier, and all-around more inclusive events calendar. It lists Nagano AJET events, Block 3 events, JET events (like NagaYes and conferences), Japanese national holidays, and community events. On the Events Calendar page, you can click on the photo of the calendar to access the full version, and anyone can add events! If you know about something we missed, feel free to add it in.
  • About Us: All that lengthy text from the right sidebar now has its own page. Check out the “About Us” page to read about Nagano AJET’s mission, membership, and major events.
  • Committee: Come meet the new 2016 Nagano AJET Committee. Find out who is doing what and who to contact for gear, media posts, website issues, Block-related questions and more!
  • The Around Nagano drop-down menu: Ever wanted to do something fun around Nagano, but didn’t know what to do? Then look no further! We’ve added an ever-growing list of things to do in the various Blocks of Nagano (Hokushin, Toushin, Chushin, and Nanshin), as well as a list of Cities and Towns with detailed info pages about each. If you know something that should be added to any of these pages, send us an email and let us know!
  • Nagano Fun Facts: Do you like awesome trivia? Then visit the Nagano Fun Facts page. This ever-growing list has tons of miscellaneous facts about people and places in Nagano Prefecture. If you know a cool fun fact that’s not already there, please send it to us!
  • Useful Links: Want to learn more about Nagano? Need info about National AJET or the various special interest groups? Need help with lesson planning? Need to buy a bus ticket but have no idea how? Nagano AJET has you covered. Check out the new and improved Useful Links page for help with all of this and more!
  • Gear: Nagano AJET’s gear rental system is officially open and ready for business. Check out our list or rent-able items that you can use for your next camping trip or event. Anything look useful? Then contact our Resources Director on the same page. How convenient!

And one more thing is still coming soon! AJET is in the process of retrieving and reviving all of our old YomoYama files, and we intend to publish them on this site. They should be ready within the next month, and you’ll be able to find them under the “YomoYama” category on the “Blog” drop-down menu. But what’s the point of posting the old if we don’t make anything new, you ask? Well fear not, because once the old is up we’ll be taking submissions from AJET members once again!

And of course, we’ll be adding more to the various pages already on the site. Over the next few months, the website editors will be working hard to add new details to most of those new pages listed above. And as always, if you know something the we missed on any of our pages, please let us know!

Please have a look around and check back to see the latest updates. If you think something is missing from our site that should be here, or if you notice a mistake on any of the pages, please feel free to contact us at or use the contact box below. If it’s within our power to do so, we’ll make sure to get it up and running ASAP.

As always, thank you for your continued support. We hope you enjoy the new AJET website.


The AJET Monkeys

Did we miss something? Let us know!

We’re Your AJET!

Welcome to the new and improved Nagano AJET Website! Please have a look around and check out our Committee, our events, and all the amazing things to do in Nagano Prefecture. And as always, feel free to connect with us by email or Facebook. We hope to see you around!

Connect With Nagano

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Upcoming Events

Matsumoto Conference After Party
October 7, 2016 7:00 pm

Thanksgiving Dinner and Charity Skills Auction
Miyada Community Center, Ina
November 13, 2016 1:00 pm